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Improving Unemployment Through Blight Removal

Connecting Families With Low Income Housing

At NAOHA, we believe in improving the unemployment and under-employment problem, especially for at-risk youth. Creating jobs in the urban core and helping the people there is a major goal of our organization. To accomplish this, we are working with neighborhood associations to remove blight and create energy efficient housing. We'll use blight removal and revitalization in residential housing as a means to spur economic development in commercial areas and the urban core.

One Family at a Time

NAOHA is a smaller organization that's focused on helping one family at a time. We're dedicated to helping families own their own homes. We take a holistic approach, assisting with job placement, credit counseling, and budgeting assistance.

Lease to Own

Coming soon, we'll be offering services that will connect families with single mothers and veterans to lease-to-own programs that will help them stop paying rent and start making investments. We know that it can be difficult to qualify for home ownership, and so we're using our funding to invest in American families. We're the nonprofit that will take a chance on you, even if you have poor credit. Be sure to check back often, as we intend to begin signing up for these programs soon.

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